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Nurse-Patient Communications

Increase patient satisfaction and improve HCAHPS scores with our high quality nurse call systems for acute, outpatient, and long term care facilities.

At Sound and Communications, we understand the complex communication challenges healthcare facilities face on a daily basis. We help institutions manage these complexities by providing state-of-the-art integrated healthcare systems that:

  • Improve staff-to-patient and staff-to-staff communication
  • Streamline work flow processes
  • Increase both staff and patient satisfaction
  • Increase HCAHPS scores
  • Decrease response times
  • Decrease noise and alarm fatigue
  • Enhance operational productivity

The ever-increasing demands on healthcare resources today require hospitals to do more with fewer resources. Sound and Communications nurse call solutions are open, flexible, and scalable to not only meet your current demands, but your future needs as your requirements expand.

Integration options allow you to collect and measure data that can be analyzed to better manage staffing and patient loads. Plus, our nurse call solutions utilize open architecture technologies which allow synchronization and integration with other systems such as wireless phones, locating systems, electronic staffing, and electronic medical record (EMR) systems.



Rauland SoundCom is an authorized distributor for Rauland nurse call systems. As a certified installer, we provide design, integration, installation, training, and support for nurse call systems in a wide range of healthcare environments.





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